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4-Time Dakar Winner Marc Coma Gears Up for Dakar 2015

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Marc Coma’s aspirations have always focused on one race: the Dakar Rally. When he was a young boy, Marc collected the pictures of Dakar Rally riders to adorn his bedroom wall. By the age of eight, he was emulating them in his motocross endeavors, before moving into the punishing arena of Enduro racing. With the 2014 Dakar championship under his belt, 2015
Name: Marc Coma
Nationality: Spanish/Catalan
Date of Birth: January 7, 1976
Machine: KTM 450 Rally
Dakar Debut: 2002: Arrias (France) to Dakar (Senegal). DNF
Best Dakar: 2006, 2009, 2011 & 2014 Champion
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