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Across The Balkans: Bulgaria’s Young Returnees | Serbia’s Shrinking Population

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Most Balkan countries have faced an emigration crisis for years, as young skilled professionals move abroad in search of better opportunities. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, and Serbia have some of the highest brain drain rates in the world, and Nick Davies-Jones goes to Serbia to see its shrinking population firsthand. But Bulgaria has become an exception to this trend, with people returning home in record numbers. Aksel Zaimovic is in Sofia to find out what's driving Bulgarians to come back.

Across The Balkans is TRT World’s new programme, hosted by Nafisa Latic, that explores the issues and fault lines shaping Southeast Europe today.

Watch other episodes of ‘Across the Balkans’ : http://trt.world/fvfp
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Emigration Crisis
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