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Africa Matters: Africa's Farming Future

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This week, we go to Kenya, Zambia and Malawi and explore the challenges, innovations and future of farming in Africa. The World Bank says agriculture remains the backbone of Africa's economy with about 70 percent of 1.5 billion people working in the sector. It also accounts for roughly a third of the continent's GDP. But millions of Africans still face hunger and starvation, and it's made worse by the climate crisis, conflicts, rising food prices and disruptions to global supplies.

Africa Matters, hosted by Adesewa Josh, is TRT World’s flagship Africa programme that brings you and the world, untold, under-reported stories from across the African continent.

We’ll help you understand Africa better and why it matters through the eyes of the people at the heart of every story.
Africa Agriculture Potential, Africa Farming Industry, Africa Matters
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