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Africa Matters: Sudan Peace Deal

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Will Sudan finally end years of political deadlock, anti-military protests, communal violence and an economic downturn this year? Kholood Khair is the Director of confluence Advisory, a policy think tank in Sudan, shares her perspective.

Students and teachers in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions are often targeted by armed separatists. Authorities have now started installing surveillance cameras in government schools to help deter such attacks and prevent crime on campus. But some Cameroonians are concerned.

And the World Health Organization recommends at least six months of exclusive breastfeeding, in order to give babies the best possible start in life. But less than 50% of mothers globally are able to do that, since many mothers struggle to produce breast milk. A Ugandan entrepreneur is now helping them boost their milk supply, using oat cookies.

Africa Matters, hosted by Adesewa Josh, is TRT World’s flagship Africa programme, bringing you under-reported stories from across the continent. We’ll help you better understand Africa, and why it matters, through the eyes of the people at the heart of every story. #africamatters
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