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All four former police officers now charged in Floyd’s death

29 İzlenme
Defiant protests in the US have not let up since they started over a week ago. Thousands of people have been walking miles in several cities in remembrance, and to condemn the killing of George Floyd. He was a black man who died at the hands of a white male police officer in Minneapolis. Many of the protests have ended in violence that some analysts say have been the worst since the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. And while mayors and some governors have sympathised with the protesters, US President Donald Trump wants a more aggressive response. US President Donald Trump continues to warn against violent protest. And yet, crowds continued to gather right across the country. Demanding justice over the death of George Floyd in the hands of the police. As the tear gas clears, signs that some may be starting to reach across the divide. Yasmine El-Sabawi reports.
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