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Annexing Palestine | Bigger Than Five

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Facing mounting international pressure, will the Israeli government push ahead with its annexation plan with the full backing of the United States? And at what cost?
The Secretary General of the United Nations has warned that this would constitute ‘a most serious violation of international law’ and called on the Israeli government to abandon its annexation plans.
Meanwhile, more than 1000 members of European Parliaments signed a letter denouncing Israel’s plans.
Ahead of its July 1st target date, the Netanyahu government is holding talks with the Trump administration on a ‘gradual annexation’.
In retaliation, the Palestinian government is threatening to withdraw from all bilateral agreements with Israel.
Will Netanyahu follow through on his threat? And what impact will it have on Palestinians?

Robert Malley
President and CEO of The International Crisis Group

Diana Buttu
Former Legal Adviser to The Palestinian Authority

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