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Bali Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

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The beautiful island of Bali is full of vulcanic mountains and crater lakes. On its fertile soil rice, tea and coconut are grown. The main elements of the landscape are the emerald green ricefields, the untarnished jungle and the steep cliffs. Let us take a visit to one of the National Parks and meet the friendly Balinese people. The religion of the island is a unique mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism. The omnipresent temples and sanctuaries are important memories of the South-East Asian culture. Let us try the exotic hot dishes of the local cousine and the fresh juices of tropical fruits. Let us take a swim in the lukewarm, crystal clear Indian Ocean and try the most famous surfers’ paradise of the world. Let us buy some of the incredibly detailed works of the local sculptors and the painted silk clothes, listen to ’gamelan’ music and enjoy one of the ancient dances performed in colorful dresses, and finally take a look a the sun setting above the ’Tanah Lot’ sea sanctuary.
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