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Capadocia and Turkey, Music of ancient textures and rich history, new travel video

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Istanbul and Turkey, Textures of Paradise, ancient textures and rich history
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Enjoy the magic of Turkey! its culture, history, art, music, songs and people;
Explore the magical textures of Turkey, go hunting for the mysteries and secrets of ancient Cappadocia; Inmerse yourself in the spice bazaar of Istanbul with a bit of salt and a bit of comedy :) Travel back in time to the Silk road. Enjoy Ideami's travel channel, a channel about discovery, about magic, become a time traveller in the time machine that takes you all the way back to ancient Turkey.

And don't forget to taste the magical spices of turkey, its amazing food, so many variations, colors, textures, a tapestry of emotions and feelings that transport you in time and space

Recommended places to visit in Turkey:

- Istanbul
- Sultanahmet Mosque
- Nusretiye Mosque
- Hagia sofia
- Galata Tower
- Dolmabahçe Mosque
- Dolmabahçe Palace
- Eminönü
- Tahtakale
- Hala Manti at Istiklal Street
- Grand Bazaar
- Spice Bazaar
- Arifoglu
- Cappadocia
- Göreme
- Apple Elmali church
- Buckle Tokali Church
- Göreme Open Air Museum
- Derinkuyu Underground City
- Devrent Valley
- Pottery
- Avanos
- Carpet Weaving
- Rose Valley
- Haçlı (Saint Agathangelus) Church
- Aviculture in Cappadocia, Pigeon nests
- Sunset Point
- Ortahisar
- Istanbul Kebab

Production by Ideami Studios |

The musics are all Royalty free musics with the correct stock licences for use in youtube.

The musics come all from Premiumbeat.com and istockphoto.com
The licence specifies that these musics can be used and monetized in youtube

"This license allows you the licensor to use the music on YouTube and generate an income from advertising overlay on your videos. You may not however claim that the Premiumbeat.com music is your own music. We own and/or control all the Copyrights of the music you are licensing."
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