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Cartoons for Children | Shapes - How The Fly Saved The River | Fables by HooplaKidz TV

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Watch this fun cartoon show, Shapes, where all the characters come alive in the form of shapes. Watch How the Fly saves the River with HooplaKidz TV.
The moral: Even the small can fight the strong if they use their brains. Native American (Anishnabeg folktale)
A bear, some beavers, a mouse and a fly lived by a great, big beautiful river. Unfortunately, their idyllic life was disrupted by a giant moose
that was threatening to drink the river dry. All the larger animals tried to scare the giant moose away, but failed. The fly offered to do the job and was met with laughter from the others, but she was soon to prove them wrong
SHAPES is a popular pre-school TV series of which retells folktales and fables from around the world, using characters cleverly designed with basic and colorful shapes like circles, squares, triangles, etc.
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