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Celebrity chefs prepare hot meals for Türkiye’s quake survivors

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Last week's twin earthquakes in Kahramanmaras destroyed thousands of homes. Buried under the ruble, lie the kitchens and restaurants that once fed millions of people in the region. And that was one of the main priorities right after the quakes struck. How to provide meals for those who have nothing to eat and nowhere to go. One group of chefs stepped up to help alleviate that problem. The first part of our discussion commenced with Chef and Founder of World Central Kitchen, Jose Andres, and Executive Chef Claudio Chinali, who established kitchens in the affected areas. We are then joined by our other guests to explore what needs to be done to avoid illnesses and diseases brought on by contamination.


Jose Andres
Chef and Founder of World Central Kitchen

Claudio Chinali
Executive Chef at Eataly Istanbul

Tugba Karagulle
Member of Board of Directors at Islamic Relief Türkiye

Mazen Alhousseiny
Capacity Strengthening Adviser at HelpAge International

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