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"... Integrity has a very important position in the paintings of H.Avni Öztopçu, and also enables us to develop a perception which helps us to organise correlating the visual elements in sensual aspect integrally, as already organised in mental aspect. On the surface which is limited with two dimensions, spatial distributions of the visual elements compose a perceptual effect. The artist, with the effect of perception created on the ground of conscious, provokes the sensitivity level of the audience and opens the doors of sensual perception. In our analysis, in some part of decomposition enables us to consider exterior impressions through shape, and in another part enables us to consider inner reactions through senses.
In Istanbul Mine Art Gallery, Nişantaşı venue, under the title of “Shelters and Individuals”, H. Avni Öztopçu exhibits his paintings and enables us to see how he benefits from the opportunities of the plastic arts, and how he deals with the main elements of art while questioning the fundamental problematic of “time and space” in his paintings. Since 1985, it is possible to witness a historical cycle of artist’s approach to these elements.
Each studied artistic production, shaped and rendered according to the period they are created in. H. Avni Öztopçu who renders the time-space problematic with the opportunities of plastic language, in his “shelters and individuals” exhibition is heading towards to the future while continuing his traces inside the corridors of the periods themselves, and transforming and altering in his inner dynamics..."

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