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Learn Korean in 3 minutes! ANNYEONGHASEYO, 안녕하세요, with the Forever Recall Language Learning Method

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Ideami's Forever Recall Language learning method is based on the research of experts that tells us that language learning is most effective when it's tied to an intense or special event.

In this case Ideami takes on the famous Ulsanbawi Rock at Seoraksan National Park in South Korea and decides to run the 3 kilometers up to the rock and then come down saying Hello in Korean to all the people he finds in the way.

The more than 800 steps in the hike intensify the challenge and increase the intensity of the exercise for better long term recall!

The Forever Recall Language Learning Method is based on

- Choosing an intense or special activity like running around amazing walls, climbing incredible mountains and similars

- Choosing one to three phrases that you want to learn

- Repeat and practice the phrase or phrases with all the people you find in the way while you perform the intense or special activity

- Carrying any type of camera in the hands to film the process while performing the activity enhances concentration and focus because of the extra effort needed to prevent the camera from falling and breaking

- Combining the repetitions with singing, smiles and laughter enhances the long term recall through positive associations

- Beneficial side effects of the method includes making new friends and a sense of bonding with other cultures and perspectives

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ANNYEONGHASEYO, produced by Ideami | ideami.com
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