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Learn Turkish with Video - If This Turkish Video Lesson Makes You Feel Froggy, Then JUMP!

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Learn Turkish with TurkishClass101.com! You are enjoying what was a quiet picnic lunch in a quiet park, when suddenly, your children come barreling towards you screaming! It seems like it takes ten minutes to calm them and their friends down enough so that you can concentrate on one voice at a time! Your son yells in Turkish, "Mom, mom!!! We were at the pond and we saw something moving in the water!!" His friend, equally excited, continues in Turkish, "Come see, come see!! Pleeeease! What IS it?" Laughing, both out of relief and because they are adorable, you agree to go explore the depths of the pond with them. As you reach the edge of the water, both boys are tugging at you and screaming in Turkish, "See it? There it is!! What is that???" You move a little closer to get a better look, almost stumbling into the water (which you are SURE they would have enjoyed tremendously), when you realize what it is they are talking about. You point to the little swimmer in the water and tell the boys in Turkish, "That is a frog...and that one there, that is a newt." The boys stare into the water with a newfound fascination; you can almost hear the wheels spinning in their heads, when they turn and look at you and both reply in Turkish, "Can we keep him, can we keep him? PLEEEEEAAAASE???" Well, TurkishClass101.comcan't prepare you for everything, you know? TurkishClass101.com is the most fun and effective way to learn Turkish!

This Turkish Video Vocabulary lesson will teach you how to talk about amphibians and reptiles in Turkish. In this Turkish vocabulary video, you will learn Turkish by watching the video, seeing both Turkish and Turkish translations describing the video, and all while listening to the Turkish translations being read aloud by our native Turkish speakers. Visit us at TurkishClass101.com where you will find many more great Turkish lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there!

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