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`Left Hook: Women Boxers of Gaza` tells the story of first women boxing team in Gaza. A passionate trainer Osama Ayoub set up the team in 2020 with the help of Jamal Al-Far, an aged former-box-player businessman. The junior girls, ages between 12-15 are so passionate to learn the sport and have even bigger dreams to be professional players. Their families are so supportive, as they want their kids to get out the war-torn Gaza's bleak atmosphere. But the society has prejudices against girls playing such a masculine sport. So the team has to fight with the society's prejudices as well as with the hardships of Gaza.

Despite all the debate and hardship Osama and Jamal are so determined to make the first competition in the small city. The film follows the team throughout their journey between the hardships of the city: electricity cuts, financial hardships, bleak political atmosphere and society's prejudices.

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