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Everyone knows London. The red double-deckers, the black taxis, the red phone booths, the red brick buildings, the guards with the bearskin fur caps are well known by even those, who have never been to the English capital. There are the legendary buildings: the clock-tower of the Parliament, the Big Ben, the Saint Paul Cathedral, the residence of the Queen, the Buckingham Palace, the Westminster, the Tower and the famous bridge, the Tower, the Waterloo and the London bridge are all known from the pages of history books and literary pieces. There are incredibly lots of things to see, there is the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Trafalgar Square, the Piccadilly Circus, the famous parks, the St. James and the Hyde, the rebuilt Globe Theatre, the Madame Tussaud’s, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, and the new pride of the city, the London Eye… Not to mention the busy cultural life, the theatres, the restaurants of the Soho and Covent Garden, and the uncountable number of pubs, where in the old days Shakespeare, Dickens or Churchill had their beers.
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