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Luchien gestures to Gabin that he wants a helmet. Gabin doesn’t want to go get it for him. Luchien shows him he has his boots on and so he can’t go inside to get it himself. Gabin goes and gets Luchien his helmet. Luchien looks satisfied, takes his whip and walks away with a confident air. We see him riding on a carousel horse, giving gentle taps with the whip to a small wooden horse. Gabin looks up a sighs (there was no need for him to fetch the helmet after all...) But then, Luchien rides out of the arena on the horse ... Gabin looks shocked.
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About the Show:
Luchien and Gabin have a wacky (and at times surreal) adventure. Watch Luchien as he tries to teach himself to fly, or Gabin as he tries to steal Luchien’s dinner! From professional rubber duck fishing, to a Duel over a piece of cake, there are always twists and turns and a surprise at the end.
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