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The sun is shining and Luchien is relaxing on an inflatable chair in the middle of the pool. He opens his eyes and the sun is dazzling. He seeks his sunglasses on his head but they are not there. He looks around and sees them at the edge of the pool. He tries to reach them while still on his chair but it’s too far. He calls out to Gabin, who is sitting quietly on a chair beside the pool. He asks him to bring his glasses. Gabin doesn’t really want to, but complies eventually. He grabs the glasses in his beak, and flies to Luchien. He rests on the arm of the inflatable chair, but his claws pierce through it…
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About the Show:
Luchien and Gabin have a wacky (and at times surreal) adventure. Watch Luchien as he tries to teach himself to fly, or Gabin as he tries to steal Luchien’s dinner! From professional rubber duck fishing, to a Duel over a piece of cake, there are always twists and turns and a surprise at the end.
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