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Miami Beach Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Miami Beach in the US.
Muscle tone and cosmetic surgery, flashy cars and high fashion - , Miami Beach has certainly changed since the early days. It all began in the roaring twenties when the wealthy and chic began to build themselves fine « art moderne » villas, inspired by the Bauhaus… After WW2, many GIs came here to recuperate, attracted by the climate. Then, in the 60s, came the Cubans, fleeing from Castro’s regime. A city where anything and everything is possible, Miami Beach has seen fortunes made and lost from all manner of activities, legal or otherwise. Miami Vice is not a legend, despite the efforts of the intrepid boys in blue. It is between the beach and Ocean Drive that the action takes place, artists hang out, and the new arrivals dream as they watch film stars posing for the cameras beneath the setting sun…
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