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Mother's Day - Baby Wildlife

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The Missouri Department of Conservation encourages you to discover nature and celebrate our wild Missouri mothers.
Every year around Mother’s Day, nature’s moms are busy having and caring for their newborns. Mammal mothers will feed, care and shelter their young during their first months and beyond.
Around late April, raccoons usually have three to four babies.
Called kits, cubs or pups, they will stay in their den for about two months before venturing outside searching for food.
Most kits stay with mom till the following spring.
Coyote mothers usually have five to seven pups in early May.
At two to three months old, the pups learn to hunt from their mother.
Young coyotes go their separate ways in the fall.
Mother does will have one to three babies around May and June.
When first born, fawns can stand and see, but not run.
Young deer stay with mom until the following spring, when she gives birth again.
For more information about mammals of Missouri, visit
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