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Pre Launch: We Test Drive the Muscle Truck, Hot Rod's '74 C-10

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We test drive David Freiburger's 1974 Chevrolet C-10 before it leaves for a 700 mile trip for some street legal drag races and camping.Click the links to read the full stories:http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/engine/hrdp_0906_1974_chevy_c10_build/viewall.htmlhttp://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/general/hrdp_0907_1974_chevy_c10_build/viewall.htmlBuilt in 15 days after buying the truck for $1,500 bucks and then road tripped it 3,600 miles, it's one bad truck. The Chevy features a LS6 engine, nitrous, and some awesome suspension pieces like Ride Tech airbags in the front. Now it back to life and ready for another road trip. Click the links to read the full story featured in magazine starting in June 2009.
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