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WCS Education is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive movement of conservation advocates. We do this by creating equitable pathways to increased scientific literacy, engagement in conservation advocacy, and lasting connection with animals and nature. One of the programs that incorporates all of these strategies is Project TRUE (Teens Researching Urban Ecology). Project TRUE is a partnership between WCS and Fordham University that is both a social science research study and a youth development program designed to support youth in STEM career pathways. Teams of high school students from communities historically underrepresented in STEM work with undergrads, grad students, and zoo educators to conduct urban ecology research throughout New York City.

Students conduct field research, ranging from mammal biodiversity along the Bronx River to collecting soil core samples in a local cemetery, and then learn to analyze their findings. At the end of season, they share their findings in professional poster sessions with their peers and other student researchers throughout the Bronx.

Project TRUE is funded by The National Science Foundation under Grant No. DRL-1421017 and DRL-1421019 and most recently through support from The Pinkerton Foundation.
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