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Racism in Germany | DW Documentary

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Not only in the U.S.A., but in Germany, too, people encounter discrimination based on their skin color. What are the lives of Afro-German youngsters and women like? Where do they run into racism, and how can their rights be better protected?

Ana, Besong and Kalsoumy tell us about their everyday lives. Twelve-year-old Besong is at the top of her class, but often, she still feels ignored by her teachers. Kalsoumy will soon be starting at university. She says, when applying for apartments or internships, she can never be quite sure that prejudice wasn't a factor when she's turned down. Ana tells about her everyday experiences with racism, whether glances on the subway or fears of violence when she walks home through the park in the evening. All three are very familiar with the question, "Where do you originally come from?” It seems to question their very identities as Germans. How can real change finally be achieved? A report by Mariel Müller.


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