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Second Chance - Turkish Movie Romantic ???????? (English Subtitles)

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The paths of two lonely people intersect opposite each other. Yasemin is a very beautiful woman, one of whom is a mathematics teacher, and the other is the charismatic gourmet, Cemal Et, who owns the restaurant. Cemal is unruly, outgoing, diminutive, a man trying to get rid of his past. Jasmine is a timid, protectionist woman with thick shells who tries to reap the wounds of a wrong choice she made in the past, and decides by mathematical calculations. In normal life, these two people will not even look at each other's face, first encounter with fights, then turn into love, and then will drown us sadness. What the two have in common is that they both need a second chance. When we go deep into both, we see that this is not an easy love.

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