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Thanksgiving Turkey

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Chances are a turkey will land on your table this week. The Missouri Department of Conservation wants to help you to discover nature and learn about this bird simmered in American tradition.
The wild turkey is native to North America and is believed to have originated in Mexico.
They are large and powerful, standing three feet tall when alert.
Long legs and broad wings and tail make turkey’s swift runners, as well as quick short distance flyers.
Turkeys can run, and that is usually their preferred method of escape.
They can fly. They can fly pretty fast, but usually unless they are really startled they’ll tend to run.
Once so common and well liked, Missouri’s largest game bird almost disappeared from the show-me-state.
But thanks to restoration efforts, the wild turkey is thriving once again and can be found in all counties.
So, whether you place a wild or domestic turkey on your Thanksgiving table, you will be sharing a piece of our American heritage.
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