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Transylvania Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

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Transylvania boasts in various extremely beautiful landscapes. Its mountaintops are crowned by castle ruins, in its steep creeks rivers are twisting. In the giant wooden lands caves can be found, while among the alpine snow-capped mountains tarns are awaiting the tourists. Unique sights are the Békás Canyon and the Killer's Lake, which guards the petrified pinewoods. The warm springs feed such spa-resorts as Tusnádfürdő or Szováta. The medieval towns surrounded by towers and walls tell us tales of the past. National costumes, carved Székely-gates and the works of the Korond potters represent the ancient art of the folks living here. A legend or a story belongs to almost every city, every castle, no matter if it is the tall Déva castle, Hunyadvár or Brán, the Castle of Count Dracula.
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