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Tunisia Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

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Tunisisa was established by the Phoenicians, but during its eventful history it belonged to the Roman Empire, was under Spanish, Turkish and Arab influences, and later under the French rule. Its architecture, art and culture all reflect this diversity. The ruins of the ancient metropolis of Carthage, the sand beaches of Hammamet, the old town of Tunis, the bazaars of Sousse, the mystical salt lake, the treasures of the Bardo Museum, the cave houses of Matmata, the palm trees of Tozeur, the bay and fish market of Kelibia, the Roman amphitheatre of El Djem, the blue and white houses of Sidi bou Said, the minarets, the oases of Chebika, the monumental buildings of the Ribats, the camels and the modern luxury hotels all are parts of the colorful mosaic, which is called Tunisia
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