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UN, Türkiye-brokered Ukrainian grain deal extended for 120 days

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Here on Playback, we bring you up to date with the biggest stories of the week. Join us as we dive into events from around the world.

This week, the Black Sea Grain has been extended for at least another four months, easing concerns over global food shortages. The agreement, facilitating Ukraine’s agricultural exports from its southern ports, was due to expire on Saturday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who brokered the original deal alongside the UN, played a key role in the extension.

And, leaders from the world's largest economies gathered this week in Bali, Indonesia to discuss the most urgent issues facing the international community. As our diplomatic correspondent Andrew Hopkins reports, talks were dominated by the Ukraine conflict -- and Türkiye found itself once again trying to mediate.

And finally, Türkiye is in shock after a terror attack hit one of the busiest areas in its biggest city. Six people were killed and dozens injured when a bomb went off on Istanbul's central Istiklal Street. A solidarity march for the victims drew hundreds of people, including representatives from 35 countries, and political and religious leaders.
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