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White-tailed Deer Management in Missouri (2014)

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Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) Resource Science Deer Biologist Jason Sumners provides an update on the current status of Missouri's deer population, development of the white-tailed deer management plan and provides a
summary of the future direction of the deer management program.

The goal of the deer management program is to use science-based wildlife
management combined with stakeholder input and human dimensions information to
maintain biologically and socially balanced deer populations throughout the state that
provide recreational opportunities, and minimize human-deer conflicts.
As deer populations in Missouri have changed over the last 75 years so have management
strategies. Although management of white-tailed deer has always been both
biologically and socially complex, management today can be more challenging due to
the complexity of interrelated factors such as land use, ownership, hunter density, and
human population levels.
The regulatory process utilized by the Missouri Department of Conservation
incorporates science-based information and stakeholder input including annual surveys,
bowhunter observations, harvest data, and population modeling.
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