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Animals With Big Ears | Learn Names and Sounds of Big Ears Animals

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Animals with big ears. Big ears animals names and sounds to learn for kids. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos for kids → http://kiddopedia.net

Welcome to the Kiddopedia video exploring animals with big ears! From the smallest to the biggest ears in the world, animals have evolved to use their ears differently. Some animals have big ears to help them hear better, while others use their ears to communicate or regulate body temperature. In this video, you will see a variety of animals with big ears.

From rabbits to elephants, animals with big ears come in all shapes and sizes. You will learn about the different animals with big ears, their physical appearance, and how they have adapted to their environments.

This video is perfect for kindergarten students and animal lovers who want to learn about educational animal videos. Our Kiddopedia channel provides fun and engaging educational videos that teach children about animals and nature in an entertaining way.

Kiddopedia channel is the right place if you are looking for educational videos for babies & kids at preschool age. Only real big-ear animal videos and photos in HD quality are used in this video with real animal noises. This will help your kids to learn the sounds and names of animals with the biggest eyes correctly. In this Kiddopedia animal video, you will find 15 cute and unique animals with big ears.

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List of animals in this video:
00:07 Fennec Fox
00:18 African Elephant
00:39 Mule Deer
01:10 Serval
01:40 Basset Hound
01:59 Donkey
02:24 African Wild Dog
02:54 Koala
03:24 Caracal
03:40 Aardvark
03:56 Greater Kudu
04:08 Red Kangaroo
04:20 Bat-Eared Fox
04:31 Black-Tailed Jackrabbit
04:43 American Brahman
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