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VEHICLES Names and Sounds to Learn | Learning Transport Vehicle Names and Sounds in English

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Vehicles names and sounds in English to learn. This educational video will help in learning transport vehicle names and sounds. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

In this video, real videos of vehicles are shown to teach names and sounds of vehicles in English language. 86 different vehicle names are presented with the correct British English pronunciation. Vehicle sound effects in combination with vehicle videos are a perfect educational method to learn vehicle names and improve English vocabulary. Our educational "Transport Vehicles” video is a great opportunity to get yourself acquainted with different means of transportation.

A vehicle is a machine to move people and cargo. Some vehicles move on land. They are called land vehicles. Usually, most land vehicles have wheels. Some examples of land vehicles are cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and trains. Some vehicles move on the water. They are called water vehicles. Examples of water vehicles are boats, ships, and submarines. Vehicles that move in the sky are called aircraft. Some examples of air vehicles are airplanes and helicopters.

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Vehicles names list in this video:
00:07 car
00:17 train
00:27 airplane
00:37 motorcycle
00:47 ship
00:57 tractor
01:07 truck
01:17 police car
01:27 helicopter
01:37 fire truck
01:47 bus
01:57 bulldozer
02:07 taxi
02:17 ambulance
02:27 subway
02:37 bicycle
02:47 motorboat
02:57 excavator
03:07 school bus
03:17 rocket
03:27 locomotive
03:37 horse-drawn carriage
03:47 tram
03:57 hot air balloon
04:07 dirt bike
04:17 race car
04:27 submarine
04:37 tank
04:47 off-road vehicle
04:57 police motorcycle
05:07 garbage truck
05:17 double-decker bus
05:27 convertible
05:37 biplane
05:47 ferry
05:57 mountain bike
06:07 motor scooter
06:17 police helicopter
06:27 skateboard
06:37 quad bike
06:47 sailboat
06:57 high-speed train
07:07 dogsled
07:17 forklift
07:27 golf cart
07:37 harvester
07:47 SUV
07:57 kick scooter
08:07 narrow boat
08:17 wagon
08:27 yacht
08:37 zeppelin
08:47 electric car
08:57 caravan
09:07 baler
09:17 stroller
09:27 cable car
09:37 e-scooter
09:47 kayak
09:57 limousine
10:07 police boat
10:17 quadracycle
10:27 speedboat
10:37 van
10:47 wheel loader
10:57 paddle streamer
11:07 aircraft carrier
11:17 fishing boat
11:27 cruise ship
11:37 snow blower
11:47 sports car
11:57 vintage car
12:07 fighter aircraft
12:17 tanker truck
12:27 street sweeper
12:37 pickup truck
12:47 jet ski
12:57 tow truck
13:07 minibus
13:17 unicycle
13:27 police van
13:37 rowboat
13:47 cargo plane
13:57 ice cream truck
14:07 inflatable boat
14:17 ultralight
14:27 monster truck
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