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PARROTS for Kids to Watch | Learn Names and Sounds of Species of Parrots in the World

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Parrots for kids, kindergarten preschool, and toddlers. In this Kiddopedia video, you will learn about all the parrot species in the world. Parrots, which belong to the Psittaciformes family, are intelligent birds with a strong imitation ability. Considering their features, the most striking aspect is their ability to use their beaks as a third leg for climbing. There are more than three hundred different species of parrots, which also have the feature of living in warm places. The general habitat of parrots is trees. This educational video will help in learning types of parrots in the world together with their sounds and names in English language. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

Parrots, which have many species in the world, are one of the most loved birds by people. Known for their speech and strong beaks, parrots have always fascinated us with their intelligence and colorful beauty. In this bird video, there are names and sounds of 30 parrot species. In this Kiddopedia bird video, you will learn about species of parrots in the world, their names, and hear the sounds of these amazing birds.

If you are interested in animals, this is a great educational video for you. This instructive video will help learn about animals and their sounds for kids, babies, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. You are going to meet a lot of parrot species in this video. Let's learn about different types of parrots.

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List of Parrots in this video:
00:05 Scarlet Macaw-Ara Macao
00:20 Crimson Rosella-Platycercus Elegans
00:31 Blue And Gold Macaw-Ara Aarauna
00:46 African Grey Parrots-Psittacus erithacus
01:01 Cockatoo-Cacatuidae
01:13 Eclectus Parrot-Eclectus Roratus
01:25 Budgerigar-Melopsittacus Undulatus
01:40 Golden Parakeet-Guaruba Guarouba
01:55 Australian King Parrot-Alisterus Scapularis
02:03 Hyacinth Macaw-Anodorhynchus Hyacinthinus
02:12 Dusky Lory-Pseudeos Fuscata
02:20 Pionus Parrot-Pionus
02:28 Bronze-winged Parrot-Pionus Chalcopterus
02:36 Plum-headed Parakeet-Psittacula Cyanocephala
02:44 Yellow-naped Amazon-Amazona Auropalliata
02:53 Rose-Ringed Parakeet-Psittacula Krameri
03:01 Galah-Eolophus Roseicapilla
03:09 Black-headed Parrot-Pionites Melanocephalus
03:17 New Zealand Kaka-Nestor Meridionalis
03:26 Cockatiel-Nymphicus Hollandicus
03:34 Lilian's lovebird-Agapornis Lilianae
03:42 Burrowing Parrot-Cyanoliseus Patagonus
03:50 Timneh Parrot-Psittacus Timneh
03:58 Black-cheeked lovebird-Agapornis Nigrigenis
04:06 Senegal Parrot-Poicephalus Senegalus
04:15 Fischer's Lovebird-Agapornis fischeri
04:23 Rüppell's Parrot-Poicephalus Rueppellii
04:31 Rainbow Lorikeet-Trichoglossus Moluccanus
04:41 Sun Conure-Aratinga Solstitialis
04:51 Green-Winged Macaw-Ara Ambiguus
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