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20 AMAZING CAT BREEDS in the World - Popular Cat Species for Kids to Learn

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20 Amazing cat breeds in the world. Let's learn the 20 popular cat breeds in the world with their names and sounds. In this Kiddopedia video, you can find 20 amazing cat breeds.
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Kiddopedia team brings you 20 popular breeds of cats. Short clips of each type of cat is shown together with the names and sounds. Additionally, the name of each cat species in English is pronounced. This video is an ideal video to watch the breeds of cats that can be a child's best friend.

Cats, one of the cutest creatures in the world, are one of the most famous animals in the internet world with their cute ways. This video features 20 famous cat breeds with animal sounds for children. It will help kids learn the names and sounds.

List of cat breeds in this video:
00:06 Maine Coon
00:16 Sphynx
00:26 American Curl
00:36 Bengal Cat
00:46 Abyssinian
00:56 Siamese
01:05 Scottish Fold
01:15 British Shorthair
01:25 Exotic Shorthair
01:35 Turkish Van
01:45 Russian Blue
01:55 Himalayan Cat
02:04 Oriental Shorthair
02:14 American Bobtail
02:24 Persian Cat
02:33 Havana Brown
02:43 Cornish Rex
02:53 Munchkin
03:03 Ragdoll
03:12 Devon Rex

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