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EMERGENCY VEHICLES Names and Sounds | Fire Truck, Police Car, Ambulance for Children, Toddlers

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Emergency vehicles names and sounds for kids to learn. This educational video will help in learning emergency vehicle names and sounds for children in kindergarten or preschool age. Also babies and toddlers will love to learn about fire trucks, police cars and ambulances while watching this video! Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos for kids → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

All kids are interested in vehicles and vehicle sounds. We have prepared a compilation of emergency vehicles for kids by bringing real emergency vehicles videos with vehicle sounds effects. Parents can use this educational video to show their children different types of emergency vehicles, which are not always easy to stumble upon.

There are many different types of emergency vehicles that help our communities stay safe. Emergency vehicles responding is very important for us and our world. Emergency cars and trucks all have unique designs to set them apart from normal cars, that way you know that their drivers are community helpers such as paramedics and police officers. Emergency vehicles have very important tasks. Some put out fires, some help the sick. Let's learn what the tasks of emergency vehicles are and the sounds they make.

In this video, real videos and photos of emergency vehicles are shown to small children to teach them emergency vehicle names and sounds. Several different marine vehicle names are presented with the English pronunciation. Vehicle sounds in combination with videos is a perfect educational method for kids to improve emergency vehicles vocabulary.

Kiddopedia channel is the right place if you are looking for educational videos for babies & kids at preschool age.

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List of Emergency Vehicles in this video:
00:06 Fire Truck
00:16 Patrol Car
00:26 Ambulance
00:36 Police Helicopter
00:46 Air Ambulance
00:56 Police Motorcycle
01:06 Van Ambulance
01:16 Aerial Firefighting
01:25 Ladder Truck
01:35 Hazmat Fire Truck
01:45 Police Riot Van
01:55 Water Ambulance
02:04 Fire Bike
02:13 Motorcycle Ambulance
02:23 Fireboat
02:33 Brush Truck
02:42 Airport Crash Tender
02:52 Water Tender
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