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Asian E-tailing Summit: Right Time, Right Place

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The inaugural E-tailing Summit 2017 was “the right time in the right place” to feature borderless trade and online commerce, according to Anson Bailey of KPMG while Kiril Popov from Fung Global Retail and Technology said Hong Kong was a key node in e-tailing. The event featured plenary, breakout sessions, workshops and networking, with attendees praising its top-notch speakers and exciting atmosphere.
Giulio Xiloyannis, Managing Director, ZALORA
Kiril Popov, Senior Analyst, Fung Global Retail and Technology
Anson Bailey, Head of Consumer Markets, KPMG
Juliette Giminez, Co-founder, CEO, Goxip
Byungho Park, Associate Professor, KAIST College of Business, Korea
Daniel Drescher, Director, Sales & Marketing, NetSDL
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