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March, 2016 -- A black bear cub is consoled while waiting to be reunited with his mother, who is being examined by wildlife biologists. The study of black bears in southern Missouri includes hibernation den research. The location of the bear's den was found using a GPS collar that the mother had been fitted with before she went into hibernation. After locating the den, a biologist sedates the mother bear and then collects vital information from her and the cubs. This cub along with a sibling, were born during the winter while their mother was in hibernation. Around April, they will venture out of their den to explore their new territory. The cubs will continue to nurse and stay with their mother through the summer and will likely hibernate with her next winter.
Since the cub was not fed and the handling was very brief, it will not be impacted negatively by the brief human interaction.
Learn more about bears in Missouri and become bear aware:
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