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CAMEL SOUNDS | Learn Animals with Kiddopedia #Shorts

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What sound does a camel make? Let's listen to different camel sounds and sound effects. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more animal videos → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

In this Kiddopedia Shorts video, you will listen to loud camel grunting sound effects. The purpose of this video is to teach you the the camel grunt sound and the noises camels make. The sound a camel makes is officially called grunting. It is more often referred to as complaining or grumbling. This sound is almost the exact sound Chewbacca makes in any Star Wars movie.

Camels are a mammal of the Camelidae family. Camels are mammals with long legs, a big-lipped snout and a humped back. There are two types of camels: dromedary camels, which have one hump, and Bactrian camels, which have two humps. They are one of the most popular farm animals.

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