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Cliff Diving in Ireland - Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2014

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Inis Mór, the big island among a group of three, is home to the legendary Serpent's Lair -- 'Poll na Peist' in Irish -- a 'blowhole' to subterranean caverns, which spurt out water each day as high tide approaches. The host for the season's first stop on European soil provided for an unexpectedly warm welcome in Ireland and a completely different high-diving experience compared to two years ago, when the divers were greeted with the typically Irish meterology of four seasons in one day.
This time Gary Hunt made it back-to-back wins in Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series competition with another sensational victory on Ireland's Inis Mór on Sunday afternoon. Hunt, who has three World Series titles to his name already, but had unfinished business after a disappointing result here two years ago, reached another personal goal, beating 13 other divers, from 10 different countries, to first place after diving 28 metres into the spectacular Serpent's Lair. 3,000 enthusiastic spectators snapped up tickets and saw USA's Steven LoBue beat Mexico's Jonathan Paredes by the slimmest of margins, to complete the podium.

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