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Do you want to know how good your Turkish is?

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How good is your Turkish? Click here to test your Turkish and find out: https://bit.ly/31ZLX48

With Assessments, you can test your Turkish skills with exercises based on the TurkishClass101 lessons you’ve just finished. So, after you finish 2 or 3 audio/video lessons, you can take an assessment and:

Practice your Turkish skills
Stay engaged with exercises
Assess yourself to see how much you know
Receive instant results & re-take as many times as you want
Improve your memory by doing assessments
Get hand-graded assessments (with Premium Plus)
Have your speaking and writing skills assessed (with Premium Plus)

You’ll find TurkishClass101 Assessments inside our recommended Learning Pathways (Level 1 Turkish to Level 5) for all learning levels, from Absolute Beginner to Advanced. So, if you’re ready to learn Turkish the fast, fun, and easy way and master everything with engaging Assessment exercises, click here to check out Assessments at TurkishClass101: https://bit.ly/31ZLX48

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