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Hoi An Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Hoi An.
Today it is difficult to believe that three hundred years ago the tiny dreamy harbour of Hoi An was one of the most important seaports in Vietnam. Now only small fishing boats lie at anchor in the harbour yet in former times Hoi An experienced a flourishing trade with Europe. Whether on the riverbanks of the Thu Bon, the narrow streets or the fascinating shops, Hoi An has retained the colourful atmosphere of bygone times. Life continued here as normal until in the early 1990's the tourist industry began to develop in Vietnam. The city's new found prosperity has not yet reached the entire city but it is reflected in some of its buildings. Many of the city's meeting halls, temples and homes are of typical Chinese design. Both the Quan Am Temple and the Quang-Cong Temple date back to the 17th century. Toward the end of the 17th century an increasing number of Chinese merchants settled in the city and this gave rise to the construction of several splendid meeting halls. Business relationships were cultivated in these traditional communal buildings and new friendships made, information exchanged and ancestors and gods worshipped. Once again the town is beginning to prosper and the historic ambience of this intriguing city may well mark a new beginning to the inhabitants of Hoi An.
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