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Wachau Travel Video Guide

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Our journey across Wachau begins in Stein, a town district of Krems, one of the oldest cultivated landscapes in Austria.

The sole 'Gateway Into the Wachau' is a unique region of the Danube between Krems-Stein and Melk. A total of 113 houses encapsulate the medieval city that was built along the Steiner Road on the banks of the Danube. Today, the town's facades and entrance-ways are decorated in traditional style and compliment the impressive Renaissance splendor of the buildings.

A little further on, and the river valley narrows and becomes even more beautiful. The blue-white church tower of Durnstein proudly welcomes those who visit the town. It is a landmark of the Wachau. This small medieval town nestles picturesquely along the rock walls above the Danube and it lives and breathes the history that made it world famous.

The beauty of the landscape is overwhelming. Color dominates the soft hollows between the rocky slopes that flank the Danube Valley and the shining green of the summer months leads to a spectacle of color that leads up to the wine harvest, a true spectacle of nature!

Thirty-six kilometres off the Danube Valley with magnificent cities, castles and historic ruins, lies a Baroque monastery and an old vine-growing culture. The Wachau is a priceless gem that is situated alongside the far-stretching waters of the Danube.
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