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Who Tee - ow Shah Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Who Tee-Ow Shah.
Who Tee-Ow Shah is the sonorous Chinese name of the Leaping Tiger Gorge that is located around a hundred kilometres from the town of Zhongdian, the gateway to Tibet.This impressive mountain kingdom is not only important due to its scenery but also to its history as once a legendary battle took place in this region. In the 16th century an army of Han Chinese and Naxi defeated an army from Tibet. It is believed that almost two hundred thousand soldiers were killed in the battle.The mighty cliffs of Leaping Tiger Gorge are three thousand metres high and they form one of the deepest canyons in the world with a length of around fifteen kilometres.The impressive vegetation of the region is also quite eye-catching and more than three hundred medicinal plants grow there.The highlight of any visit is the 'Golden Sand River', the Jinsha, the Canyon's most narrow point where the water flows between rock cliffs that are a thousand metres high and where the view is simply breathtaking.The Jinsha River and the Leaping Tiger Gorge: together they create a beautiful and inspiring sight that is also full of adventure and excitement.
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