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Nefta Travel Video Guide

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Four hundred kilometres southwest of the Tunisian capital of Tunis and close to the Algerian border in Bled El Jerid is the delightful oasis town of Nefta. Beyond its bright cupolas and angled roofs is the breathtaking expanse of the enormous Schott Dscherid Salt Plain. What formerly served as the rear guard of the Roman Empire and that was subsequently used as a bishop's residence developed into the most important religious centre of an ancient Muslim sect known as the Sufis. In addition to Nefta's twenty-four mosques there are also more than a hundred sacred burial places known as 'Marabouts'. The life-giving reason that led to the origin of Nefta in the midst of this barren, desert like landscape can be found close to the historic centre of the town: precious water bubbles out of a total of a hundred and fifty two Artesian Wells that has brought new life to more than nine hundred and fifty hectares of lifeless desert. The desert wind, the Scirocco, is a reminder of the harshness of the surrounding landscape. Even with the protection of the oasis, on some days the wind manages to blow its way through the town. But as the sun gradually sets below the horizon, Nefta is like a scene from the One Thousand And One Nights.
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