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Most Amazing Facts About The Legendary White River Monster

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Amazing Facts
1. Whitey's first appearance was in the 1890s.
2. Some believe the White river monster may have had an impact on the Civil War.
3. The monster was supposedly responsible for overturning a boat.
4. It made strange noises that sounded like a combination of a "cow's moo and a horse's neigh."
5. As reported, "a lot of foam and bubbles coming up in a circle about 30 feet in diameter."
6. Believers say that the South's version of the Loch Ness Monster resides.
7. Of all the awesome and hideous mystery beasts in the world, nothing is loved by its neighbors quite as much as 'Whitey', the White River Monster.
8. In fact, Arkansas State Legislators have declared the area where it has been most often seen -- around the town of Newport -- a 'White River Monster Refuge'.
9. It is now illegal to 'molest, kill, trample or harm' the legendary beast.


1. The White River Monster is a legendary large creature reportedly first spotted off the banks of the White River near Newport in northeastern Arkansas.
2. Sightings of the monster began in 1915.
3. On July 1 of that year, an owner of a plantation near the river saw the monster.
4. He reported it having gray skin and "as wide as a car and three cars long."
5. The real explosion of publicity about the White River Monster, however, came in 1937.
6. A farmer reported that workers on his plantation had seen something strange in a deep eddy of the White River about 6 miles downstream from Newport, Arkansas.
7. He went to take a look for himself and described the creature as being a car-length wide, three car-lengths long and with a hide like an elephant.
8. The farmer felt this beast was a threat to his crops, and applied to local officials to blow up the eddy with TNT.
9. The authorities refused permission.
10. 100 confirmed sightings recorded during the short period of excitement.
11. As time gone, Whitey was forgotten, but he made a dramatic return in June 1971.
12. Eyewitnesses who encountered the creature described it as "the size of a boxcar" with a bone protruding from its forehead.
13. Other accounts of the White River Monster described three-toed tracks, 14 inches (360 mm) in length.
14. The last reported sighting came in late July when two people out fishing claimed their boat was rocked by what they believed was the monster.
15. Nobody ever got a clear view of the animal.

According to scientists

1. The White River Monster is likely a case of mistaken identity.
2. Crypto zoologist and biologist Mackal believes that the creature is in fact a large male elephant seal that wandered up the Mississippi River into White River.
3. Measuring an average of 5,000 pounds (2,300 kg) and 14 feet (4.3 m) in length, a male elephant seal shares many of the characteristics described by those who've encountered the "monster": gray skin, three-toed tracks, summer molting and a farm animal's call.
4. Another theory is more than one has wandered up the Mississippi River as sightings continue.

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