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Opportunity, just what the doctor ordered: Kajmere Houchins at TEDxTeen

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By all accounts, Kajmere Houchins "story" was never meant to extend past her 6th birthday. At the age of fourteen, this dynamic three time cancer survivor has beaten the odds. Diagnosed in 2005 with Stage IV Neuroblastoma, Kajmere was hanging on for life, looking to carve her own path. Her survival and subsequent diagnosis of AML in 2008 put Kajmere back in fighting mode on a journey of self-discovery, walking on faith and trying things she never thought possible.

Six years cancer-free, Kajmere's life has taken on many twists and turns into places she never intended, with results she never imagined! Kajmere's bright light and desire to teach young people how to step outside of their circumstances to imagine the impossible as possible led her to found The Powercave, a website designed to empower and motivate teens to become active participants in their own lives and communities. She is a board member for the Seattle Young People Project and she works to advocate for youth in an effective manner. Kajmere is the president of Stop Bullying World Wide, an anti-bullying group she founded. Sharing her story of illness, survival and making the impossible possible, Kajmere speaks at schools regarding bullying. In November 2013, Kajmere changed Washington State law to allow students to participate in anti-bullying policy making. Having a heart for the youth of her generation, Kajmere collects items for homeless teens in her area and has helped start a clothing closet at her school. Her work continues.
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