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Overcoming coronavirus | DW Documentary

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After testing positive, Sigrid Straub had a severe case of Covid-19, ended up in intensive care, required a tracheotomy and was put on a ventilator. She didn't think she would make it. The 48-year-old is traumatized by her near-death experience.

Initially, 41 year old Peggy Graehn only had a mild case of coronavirus, which didn't require hospitalization - until she realized that everything had changed. Now, she has severe neurological problems and has become forgetful. She has difficulty concentrating and has problems with her speech. Both patients are hospitalized in a specialist lung clinic on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It’s here that people who are supposedly recovering from the effects of Covid-19, are being treated. But their first steps back to a normal life are more difficult than they expected. A report by Daniel Andreas Sager.


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