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Turkey Boogie - Full Movie | BASE Jumping Documentary

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Moab Turkey Boogie 2015 - The Documentary

The official documentary from the Turkey Boogie 2015 BASE jumping and fundraiser event is here! Witness the adventure as jumpers from all over the world convene on Moab, UT (USA) for 3 days of festivities and, of course, to raise money for Grand County Search & Rescue! 100% of the money from your purchase of this epic movie will go to Search & Rescue*. Thank you for your purchase, and thank you for flying Negative4! (To purchase a download, visit http://www.Negative4.com.)

For any technical issues regarding downloads, please contact us at [email protected] Someone will respond within 24 hours.

Produced by Negative4 Productions (http://www.negative4productions.com)

Soundtrack by Nit Grit (http://www.NitGrit.com)

Aerial Shots: Anders Carlson (http://www.AnderCarlson.com) & Falkor Aerials (https://www.facebook.com/falko...) and DroneCru (https://www.facebook.com/Drone...)

Video Contributors: Sean Chuma, Tom Grayson, Landon Dirnberger, Travis Tripp, Cyn Currie, Joe Nesbitt, Kat Donahue, Owen Searls, Dave Juntunen, Jimmy & Marta, Chris Mort, Matt Moore, Jeff Smith, Matt Pereira, Matthew Steer, Nicholas Reyes, Sean Karandy, JM, TJ Setzer, Mark Corner, Alec Jacob, Kyle Lobpries, Matt Johnston, Anthony Kimball, Shea Elliott, Rich Webb, Chris Labounty, Will Mitchless, Marco Poko & Ryan Higgin.

Sponsors: Apex BASE, RAVEN, SQUIRREL, TONYSUITS, LEADING EDGE, PHOENIX FLY, Blacksheep Rigging, Base dynamics, 5.10, Kra:ken, Jimmy and Marta, SAFEISH, Matt Hecker, Sarah Taz, Andy Lewis, Scotty Bob, GoPro Bomb Squad, Garmen, Skunk ape base, Blue Skies Magazine, Moab BASE Adventures, Tandem BASE, MeUndies, Moab valley inn and suits , gform & Negative4 Productions.


*All monies from this fundraiser documentary minus transaction fees will go directly to S&R. We thank you for your purchase, as does Grand County Search & Rescue.

Contact Us - [email protected]

All rights reserved - Copyright 2015 Negative4 Productions
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