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Turkish Girls singing Korean song 2012

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Turkey's got talent-Turkish girls sing korean songs.
Here is translation
Acun:Hayal and Melisa welcome.What is your stage name?
Girls:Gaeul Sonye.It means autumn girls in Korean.
Acun:You found a Korean name?
Girls:Yes we will sing Korean songs.
Acun:Korean song?
Acun:How did singing a Korean song come to your mind?If Koreans hear that you want to sing a Korean song They will be touched.:)
Girls:We listened a Korean song and we liked it so much.Then we started to listen other Korean songs.and liked them all.then we started to watch dramas.I went to Korean course.In fact Korean Embassy will organise a song contest in november.We will participate in this contest.We came here before the contest..
Acun:You'll probably win this contest.
Girl:I hope.
Acun:Is there anyone who will participate in this contest?
Girls:There are so many people.
Acun:Did so many people devote themselves to Korean in Turkey?
Girls:There are so many Korean fans in Turkey.
Girls:Yes there are so many people who are aware of Korea and Korean culture.
Acun:So are there thousands of Korean Fans in Turkey?
Girls:Yes They will come to Ankara for the contest from four different cities..
Acun:Tell me what did you do today in Korean language.
Girl:(I come to Turkey's got talent.I'd like to see Acun ilicali,hulya avsar and sergen yalcin)
Acun:What does bogoshippoyo mean?
Girl:It means I'd like to see you
Acun:Speak in Korean please I'm curious about the language.
Girls:(speaking).......Onnie means older sister
Sergen:Don't speak like this in public.
Girls:(speaking)......Saranghae means I love you but I can't say saranhae to you because age difference is very important in Korea.Even if you are a year older than me I have to add some suffixes to show my respect.I should say saranghamnida
Acun:So respect is very important in Korea
Acun:it's very good.So you will sing korean song?I am very curious.

.Hulya:Why did you like this song?
Girls:Actually we sang 4 different songs not to bore you.
Hulya:I didn't understand anything.Because I don't know the language and Korean music.I didn't understand anything from your dance.It was sloppy.
Acun:Actually you showed yourself to a certain group.People who are interested in Korean language got the message.You didn't think of affecting so many people right?
Girls:So many people will come and watch us next time if we pass thisThere are so many people who are interested in.
Sergen:Can you speak any other languages?
girl:My friend can speak Japanese a little.
Acun:You will pack your suitcase and go to Far East very soon I think
OK.Let's vote Sergen?
Sergen:Sorry but no
Hulya no
Acun:we watched your show We gave you opportunity to convey your message.I say no Thank you for coming.
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