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Vieux Québec Travel Guide

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On behalf of the French crown, in 1608 Samuel De Champlain established a fur trading post from which originated Quebec, a city that today looms over the Saint Laurence River like a majestic fortress. It is the birthplace of French culture in North America. With its small towers and green glimmering roofs the Chateau Frontenac majestically watches over the city, a castle-like hotel that was built and lavishly furnished in 1894 by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Quebec's upper city is encircled by a four kilometre long fortified wall that was alternately built upon by the French and the English. In former times, various gates barred entry to the fortress but today they are wide open and welcome visitors into the well preserved old town. The Cathedrale Anglicane symbolises the English period of occupation. The Anglican Bishop's cathedral was inaugurated in the year 1804 and bears a strong resemblance to Saint Martin-In-The-Fields, in London. At the Place Royale, Quebec's birthplace, is the tiny church of Notre Dame Des Victoires and it was here that the early settlers worshipped with models of their ships that were later suspended by rope above the pews. Quebec is truly a sparkling gem of French culture in North America.
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