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Which is the Fastest Animal? | Guess the Faster Animal Quiz

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Which is the fastest animal? Let's try to guess the faster animal in this animal quiz. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more animal and wildlife videos → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

There are thousands of different kinds of living things in our world. The fastest animals in the world are predators in the wild. The animal kingdom continues to surprise us every day. Some animals use their accelerating abilities to hunt and others to avoid predators. What are the fastest animals in the wild?

In this animal quiz video, you will guess which animal is the fastest. You will learn their km/h speeds. So can you guess which is the fastest animal in the world? Is the lion faster or the cougar? Is the Cheetah the fastest land animal? Which animal runs the fastest? You'll learn about the fastest birds and land animals in the animal kingdom with this animal trivia quiz.

In this Kiddopedia animal quiz video, you will find 20 questions about the fastest animals. Decide which animal you think has the highest top speed before the time runs out and the correct animal is revealed.

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Answers to the animal trivia wildlife quiz:
00:20 Zebra 65 km/h
00:44 Giraffe 60 km/h
01:07 Ostrich 96 km/h
01:29 Coyote 69 km/h
01:54 Dolphin 60 km/h
02:16 Peregrine Falcon 390 km/h
02:39 Cheetah 120 km/h
03:02 Cow 40 km/h
03:25 Rabbit 40 km/h
03:49 Camel 65 km/h
04:12 African Wild Dog 72 km/h
04:36 Horse 78 km/h
05:00 Pronghorn 98 km/h
05:24 Green Iguana 35 km/h
05:48 Gazelle 97 km/h
06:11 Elk 64 km/h
06:35 Hummingbird 98 km/h
07:00 Hobby 160 km/h
07:23 Ladybug 59 km/h
07:48 Bat 160 km/h
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