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SMARTEST ANIMALS Quiz | Guess the Animal IQ Level

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Which animal is smartest? Can you guess the smartest animals? Let's try to guess the smartest animal in this animal quiz video. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more animal and wildlife videos → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

If mental abilities allow an animal to do what it needs to survive in its environment, other animals may use other methods to do so. For example, a giraffe may extend its neck if a crow is developing means to reach food. However, 'intelligent' animals can sometimes display abilities beyond what nature has entrusted to them. Humans have been conducting various scientific research on animal cognition for many years.

In this animal quiz video, you will guess which animal is most intelligent. You will learn their IQ level. So can you guess which is the most intelligent animal in the world? Is the dog smarter than a cat? Orangutan is the smartest animal? Which animal’s IQ level is highest? You'll learn about the smartest and their ıq level in the animal kingdom with this animal trivia quiz.

In this Kiddopedia animal quiz video, you will find 20 questions about the smartest animals. Decide which animal you think has the strongest jaw before the time runs out and the correct animal is revealed.

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Answers to the animal trivia quiz:
00:19 Crow 32 IQ
00:42 Baboon 33 IQ
01:08 Pig 37 IQ
01:33 Octopus 73 IQ
02:00 Orca 39 IQ
02:25 Orangutan 35 IQ
02:49 Donkey 26 IQ
03:15 Human 100 IQ
03:40 Rabbit 5.2 IQ
04:05 Parrot 7.9 IQ
04:30 Chimpanzee 42 IQ
04:55 Polar Bear 41 IQ
05:20 Cat 21 IQ
05:45 Falcon 10 IQ
06:10 Cheetah 33 IQ
06:34 Pig 37 IQ
06:59 Badger 36 IQ
07:24 Whale 27 IQ
07:49 Dog 19 IQ
08:14 Turtle 6.8 IQ
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